1969 Gerber MK II Carried with Provenance and Photos!


Spectacular MKII with outstanding provenance and photos, not some "story", the real deal. You don't find them like this. Check it out

Product Details

This Gerber has been there and done that. Actually saw combat service.

1969 vintage MKII that shows carry and use but remains full. There is some staining as would be expected from a knife carried in Viet Nam. The handle shows some minor loss of the grey Armorhide paint, again to be expected.

Field modified sheath is oustanding showing what was needed to keep this knife secure from loss. It distinctly visible in the one of the photographs, which all are original by the way.

There are several photos of Cpt. Duffy, one with him kneeling next to dead VC. I did not show it here as some may find it disturbing. There are additional photos of dead Viet Cong. These are original photos, not copies.

Sharpening steel is in the pouch as shown.

DD214 shows Cpt Duffy to be the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal w/ V Device; Purple Heart; National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal; Sharpshooter Badge Rifle M14.

This is one of the best Gerber knives I have ever had with provenance and a known history in theater.