Vintage 1976 1-6" Westinghouse Old Yeller


Great Model 1-6 with super "Old Yeller"handle as my good friend Perry Miller called it. I don't know if he coined the term, but it has stuck.

Product Details

Excellent example of a mid-1970's model 1.

The piece is in near mint condition. Carbon Steel blade. Brass hilt of the day.

Three thick two thin spacer arrangement that ran on non-leather handles from around 1973 to 1977/78. I put this knife somewhere in the middle of that range.

The Westinghouse Ivorite or "Old Yeller" is in fine condition and show a nice mellowing with age. This is a special handle material, superior in my opinion of anything to follow, and second only to brown micarta for collectibility.

The Maurice Johnson rough back sheath really shows little sings of the knife being sheathed. Truly a clean piece.